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What Is Coaching: 
Often people ask: what is life coaching, and how is is different from other professions? In other words what's so unique about life coaching? In essence it boils down to the fact that you, as the client, already possess all the answers to your questions and I, as your coach, will guide you to bring your vision to life. Think of it this way: when a client comes to coaching they bring with them a Universal Request:
1) I want to bring something into my life (an experience, an achievement, a feeling, etc.
2) However I'm not sure how to make this happen.
3) Can you help me?
This is exactly what coaching is designed to do. As your Core Energy Coach I will help you connect your inner purpose and passion to outer goals and strategies to bring about extraordinary and sustainable results. We'll focus on the positive energy in your life and re-frame thoughts and belief systems that are no longer benefiting you. 
Ask Yourself This:
Is something keeping you from being your best? Are you constantly running up against the same story in your head?
If you're looking to finally live your best life possible I'm here to help you get to the next level. Maybe you finally want to get to a better place of health. You've tried and failed, tried again and failed... Boy, do I know the feeling!! Maybe you want to pursue your dream (I have!) but you're held back by fear (I was!)? Every day you have a beautiful new opportunity to create a new version of yourself destined to change and morph into the gorgeous being you were created to be.
With your goals in mind I'm going to support you to become that awesome new version of yourself. The version that has been in hiding for so long. We'll work on setting manageable, achievable goals that work for you! We'll crush old thought patterns and rewrite your story one day at the time.
 Live Every Day Like It's Your Only Day! Love Who You ARE!




  Health/Wellness: How many times have you started a workout/diet program and promptly fallen of the wagon? How many times have you really, really wanted to choose the Kale Smoothie only to succumb to that pint of Cherry Garcia? Have you ever considered why? Have you ever taken the time to explore your core story? Or maybe you simply don't like your current approach and looking for a new way? Are you looking for a shift in thought patterns? Manageable goals? I will support you in a new direction with measurable goals. Imagine... finally, finally you'll get results that stick... and you might just find a brand new you! Let the world discover you!   


  Transition Coaching: What if you had no fear? Is that not the most delicious thought? Where would your life be if you had no fear... My life wined and twisted and ended up here supporting you in your extraordinary journey. If you're nudged by an idea, facing a difficult transition (life or professional! Hey, maybe you're retiring and you have no idea what to do with yourself - no I suppose you can't spend all your days shopping!), looking to create a road map to your next chapter - wherever you're facing an area of transition I'm here to support you in your journey. No more playing small!! You're too awesome for that!


Ready to move in the direction of you most wildly imagined life? Get in touch via or leave me a voice mail at 317-995-9308 to book your FREE CONSULTATION! I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can, generally within 24 hours. Your life is waiting for YOU!




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