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Meet Birgit

“We Exist To Make A Beautiful Difference In Women's Lives”

Hi I'm Birgit -
At heart I
'm an adventurer. My true north is a love for decadence and zest in life. Whether that's an extra helping of rich chocolate cake, traveling wherever my compass takes me, spontaneously sitting down next to a group of women discussing the ins and outs of micro biz or running yet another mile around my favorite playground - the Indiana Dunes.

My personal motto? Live this one life! Be yourself! Create!

Playing in nature is key to my existence. As a Life Coach, Personal Trainer and Maker I feel there's nothing better. Nature is wild, incredibly inspiring and so are the things that come from it; like raw honey, coconut oil or wildcrafted seaweed from the rugged coast of Maine. I love it all just like I love the great outdoors. It fuels my body and feeds my soul.

So, in 2008 after years of wondering if I could, would, should - after facing 10,000 Why's - I did. Blowing fear a big, loving kiss goodbye I decided to turn my love for nature and luxurious feeling products into Simply Birgit.

Our core mission is simple: create beautiful, all natural products, support women around the globe, bring smiles to women's faces wherever we go, spark laughter and conversation.
In short - connect with you like no other brand dares.

Empower your skin, love who you are? Yes, absolutely!

When you take time out of your busy day to truly behold yourself - not in a negative “I hate everything about myself!!” kind of way, but in honor and grace of your crazy, unique and awe inspiring beauty you feel empowered.

When you slather on beautiful, lush, clean products and feel smooth, sassy and sexy all over you feel empowered.

When you put yourself first, nourishing every inch of you, honoring your highest self inside and out you feel beautiful and empowered.

Be in Life! Blow fear a kiss goodbye! I welcome you to live fearlessly!

I welcome you to feel beautiful!


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