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Perfection Or OMG! - Put It Out There Already

Posted on September 29 2016

[caption id="attachment_121" align="aligncenter" width="320"] The oh so lovely cottage![/caption] Lately there's a lively debate going on in my house. We are in the process of remodeling a small cottage (see above) and the question keeps coming up on when we should list it for sale. Right away? Or when it's PERFECT! My future husband's vote: right away. Me? I want to list it when it's just perfect. You know J...U...S...T perfect?! So the question popped in my mind - when is something finished? And when is it time to let it go? Might that be a lovely cottage trimmed out in white, set against a trendy grey and a door painted in Ravishing Red (ahh...can you tell I just adore the place?) or a painting, or a novel or even those crazy thought barriers that keep us stuck so we're unable to start in the first place? When to let go? When to let go of a work of art you have created? When to let go of a poem that snug in your heart during the early morning hours? When to let go of that extra weight you've been carrying around for so long? When to let go and f.i.n.a.l.l.y. start that business? When to let go of fear and let the world see your beautiful shining spirit that's neither perfect nor flawed? Just simply is? Here's how I see it - if we judge our thoughts or our beautiful art we create we automatically lose against that little voice that says "What if?" What if people hate it? What if it's stupid? What if nobody wants to buy it? What if I can't loose the weight? What if I do? Ahh... the fear of the unknown. The thing is - will we plain ol' fall over and die if we don't put forth our art, poems, stories, photography, pottery or the best, most fabulous version of our selves? Probably not! But will we live in misery or even die just a little because we didn't dare it? Yes!

"The world will be darker without your light and poorer without your talents and gifts"

To move forward, to bring forth into the world all that you are, remember nothing that's created is neither perfect nor flawed. It simply is, in that moment in time, a reflection of the universe's creative energies. It is beauty! All on to its own. Just like you! So be brave! Dare! I encourage you to go out there and create the best, craziest, most beautiful art or version of yourself. You are art and artist. Pick up your charcoal, business idea, kettleball, fabric dies, sea salts, short stories, saxophone and whatever else that's nudging you. Pick it up! The world needs your bold, authentic spirit. Blow fear a few kisses and let yourself shine! (Cottage update... I have finally listed it)  


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