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What Happened When I Decided To Let Go

Posted on August 20 2016

14448151_1205357546191941_6457778239170412544_n   As I'm sitting here typing up this latest blog post I'm fascinated by how peaceful I feel. Normally I have five different tasks going on at the same time and although I like to think of myself as the queen of multi tasking it's super exhausting. Most days my mind is frazzled and going in a million different directions. At the end of the day I simply fall into bed - mind and soul drained. Today was no different. Driving home from a client training I felt myself spinning out of control with random to do's zipping through my head. Complete overwhelm. I'm not sure why - maybe my brain send out a subconscious SOS - but without thinking I picked up my phone, found the notes app (clever little tool!!) and simply unloaded all thoughts, to do's, grocery lists, what bills needed to get paid etc, etc. And then - somewhere between "buy toothpaste" & "order dog food" something fascinating happened... I became still. I centered. I breathed deeply. Suddenly my entire perspective shifted from crazy to calm. This little episode got me to thinking about how we all spend our days. It is incredibly hard to stay in the NOW. Most of us are super frazzled, in a constant hurry, living in the future or in the past - our poor brains bouncing around like ping pong balls gone wild. But what if we were to change that and simply unloaded our busy mental to do lists (there is an app for that!) so we can actually take notice of the important things. You know things like a beautiful meal - truly enjoying it instead of simply stuffing it down next to the ever present I Pad. Or paying full attention to the next set of squats which, if you do those right, will require your entire being and focus. Or going for a walk for the simple purpose of enjoying the walk - you know "smell the roses"... Slowing down is good for us. Our brains simply can't hang on to all of it. It needs and deserves downtime, playtime and your mindful presence. So let's downshift. Take 5 minutes today and practice mindfulness. Ready? Go... Find your favorite tool - pen & paper, your favorite app, or leave a message for yourself. Get all that stuff out of your head and right away you will notice a shift from frazzled to peaceful. I guarantee you you want more of it. It's empowering, centering, focusing. And just like improving your running time or working to perfect the perfect Warrior Pose, mindfulness takes practice. Every single day! Your brain loves you to pieces and wants nothing more then to give you all it has, but there's a cost involved. And that is your being. We are conditioned to be everywhere all at once when we really ought to strive for mental clarity, mindfulness and peace. One task at the time - and although our hustle and bustle world poo-poo's this idea it is a powerful tool to bring back into focus the only thing that matters: You! #lovewhoyouare    


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